A whistlestop tour through 24 hours of cringe.
As shortages spread and energy prices 'soar', look forward to more cold comfort from hot takes.
On cricket, Ofcom, swimming pools and tactical ignorance as the newspaper columnist's greatest tool.
Some of the worst “terrible stupid bastards” have bylines.
"Elvis and President Nixon were in the closet making schemes and I saw one of the schemes and the scheme looked at me!
"Live from the Department of Levelling Up! It's the... shit show!"
Hadley Freeman's valedictory Guardian Weekend column repeated many of modern column writing's foundational myths.
The conflicts between ageing figures in traditional media look silly when you consider how new moguls are quietly making millions.
Having seen GB News crashing and burning on an inglorious loop, Murdoch sees his chance to swoop.
From Chuckles Chorley to Laura Kuenssberg, ever-ready to regurgitate a government line, the Westminster hacks were over-excited.
The day Laura Kuenssberg was sent to the burns unit and the true emptiness of British political reporting was revealed once again.
I am shocked! shocked! that Andrew Neil's ego has finally flung him from GB News and that Michael Gove has a long history of being odious. Who knew? (E…