Twenty years on, the British press and wider media are still making the same stinking excuses for the Iraq War and those who started it.
Another instalment of weekly recommendations and miscellaneous items.
The British media wants you to think it's learned the lessons of Iraq; it hasn't...
Twenty years ago it was battered over Iraq, now it's bruised over the Lineker 'affair' and leaked emails show the BBC has been bullied again.
Up yours, media whores! The death of Sun ‘legend’ and liar Tom Petrie provokes the usual outbreak of self-aggrandisement from the Murdoch press.
The right-wing press has failed to score in the latest game but the BBC is still being beaten daily.
Another instalment of weekly recommendations and miscellaneous items.
Tim Davie has lost the dressing room at the BBC; it was inevitable that the corporation’s Tory leadership would fold to the pressure from right wing…
Kathy Burke's new documentary has revived a persistent internet myth and all-too-real comments from Chris Moyle's arrogant and sleazy heyday.
Newspapers so keen on censoring the usual f-word are equally quick to damp down mentions of "fascism". Liberals? They offer the same heartfelt…
The press calls Charles Salvador aka. Charles Bronson "Britain's notorious prisoner" but who gave him that label? And should it mean he's never allowed…
For many journalists, columnists, and commentators, propaganda is so commonplace they can't even see it.