" ....Tory attempts to lay claim to “compassion”, which is like Domestos trying to rebrand itself as a sports drink. " brilliantly put!

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It seems pretty clear that the asset-stripping goat-rodeo suits have long burned through any right to get the benefit of the doubt from those who really ought to better.

Could’ve saved them some time and space with “same shite from an imperceptibly different arsehole”.

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Excellent article Mic, and your observation that there is no real choice in British politics is absolutely correct. Utterly depressing to contemplate that Keir Starmer and his team are happy to follow a ‘Conservative-lite’ agenda with no indication of any policies that will address the dreadful inequalities within U.K. society.

The only challenge I heard yesterday was when Fatima Manji of C4 news asked Rachel Reeves when Labour were going to articulate some policies rather than simply stating the obvious from the sidelines (I paraphrase.....).

Labour’s modus operandi under Starmer seems to be to keep the Daily Mail and the Telegraph onside at all costs.

Doubtless he will argue that that is pragmatic politics, but the reality is that it is a morally bankrupt position.

No policies, no principles - just a craving for power.

Sounds horribly familiar.....

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