Three things to fix the British media: The draft, a term limit for columnists, and a scheme to bring new older writers into the trade

I'll keep this short for the hard of comprehension

1) There isn’t a broad enough selection of young writers joining the media. Each year, there should be a draft of the best school leavers and university students. The papers who got first pick the previous year would get to pick last in the next. The aim would be to give these young journalists well-paid and prominent positions from day one.

2) Columnists should get five-year terms as bylined columnists before being moved to other areas of the paper for five years. Ones that drive subscriptions such as Caitlin Moran could maintain the same wages but be put onto features or investigations. Their draw would remain. Column writing is brain-melting and people need a break from it — both readers and writers.

3) Older writers should get a chance to join the trade and be paid wages that make it possible to make the change. I’ve known journalists who’ve become teachers, but it should work the other way round too.