If we reported on the United States like we do other unstable countries

...and the UK is no better.

Dateline: Washington

Today, the United States’ embattled and bitter leader, President Donald Trump, who is widely expected to cheat in the nation’s forthcoming election, pardoned a former aide and notorious political conman. Roger Stone — who is often compared to the Penguin, a character in a popular folk series called ‘Batman’, about a vigilante who delivers the justice America’s police and justice system cannot and will not provide, has provided criminal assistance to a succession of the United States’ more corrupt and authoritarian leaders.

President Trump, a curiously orange man with a family of sycophants who live high on the hog on state money and strip-mine the US’s remaining credibility for their own benefit, has scant interest in the rule-of-law or ‘so-called’ political norms. For now, the upcoming presidential election appears to be in control of neutral forces, rather than those loyal to Trump or his main rival, the addled and compromised former Vice President Joseph Biden.

Biden, who has faced accusations of sexual impropriety that are so common in the decadent United States were human rights have slipped backwards quickly, seems unlikely to defeat Trump, despite current polls. It is likely that Trump will use the levers of the US state to steal the election. If that occurs, it may precipitate an armed response from the anti-Trump sources and counter-revolutionary fervour from the coalition of violent far-right paramilitary groups that back the President and have taken to the streets in a show of force in recent months.

Trump’s press secretary was unable to comment, but we were told by his intellectually-challenged son, Eric, that Biden was ‘a bad man’ and that further questions about his father may lead to us being removed from the United States by Mr Trumps’s most loyal force — the Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency, whose conduct has increasingly come to remember that of an armed and uniformed extension of Trump’s racist will. CotU’s correspondents remain on the ground in the United States, but we are aware of an increasing number of credible sets to their safety. The Wall promised by the President at the start of his first term remains to be built.