Conspiracy theories that the UK media accepts

... and, in fact, actively promotes.

1. That The Royal Family has a positive influence on British life.

2 That achievement is just a matter of working hard.

3 That the police care about every citizen equally.

4 That people like being subjects and not citizens.

5 That charity is as good as paying your taxes.

6 That landlordism is ethical or acceptable.

7 That there is any such thing as ‘reverse racism’.

8 That trans people are plotting to overthrow ‘straights’.

9 That black celebrities prove that racism doesn’t exist.

10 That it’s possible to take corporate money and not be in hock to corporate interests.

11 That the aristocracy is somehow better than everyone else.

12 Nepotism.

13 Cronyism.

14 Electoralism.

15 Crypto-fascism.


16 The supremacy of celebrity.

17 The tyranny of blonde white people.

18 The austerity of one man/one woman relationships being the only way for life to be led properly.

19 The British Empire

20 That the Armed Forces are a good place for working-class people to ‘find themselves’.

21 That prison works.

22 That money should buy you more speech.

23 That your vote counts.

24 That your opinion is worth the same as the rich’s whims.

25 That columnists know anything.

There are, unquestionably conspiracy theories that must be challenged, but people who make their livings giving you ‘reasonable takes” are never going to admit that the papers they write for publish conspiracy theories every day.