BONUS issue: The Athletic works, so why not replicate it for celebrity, fandom and entertainment coverage?

I’d call it The Entertainment. And here’s how I’d do it.

The Athletic’s model — putting a full court press — a little sporting term there 🤣🙄— on entire leagues and making sure it has reporters for each team — is applicable to other areas of media.

It will drive subscribers of any vertical if done right. And that’s why I’m giving you this idea for free, industry that I love to hate. If you pay me, I’ll even edit it… 


The Entertainment

You would dedicate specific verticals under The Entertainment brand to franchises and fandoms.
That would include active fandoms such as Rick & Morty, Love Island and Drag Race, but also classic fandoms such as The X Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even more niche concerns such as The Thick Of It. 

Like The Athletic, The Entertainment would allow readers/listeners/viewers to select both franchises and fandoms when they sign up and then receive targeted coverage on their favourite shows and even individuals. 

Like The Athletic, The Entertainment would gain and maintain a subscriber base by taking fandoms, celebrities and franchises seriously. 

And for major franchises like Marvel, you would break it down to constituent parts with specific reporters for areas like the TV animations and specific characters like Iron Man (covering him in print/on TV/in the Marvel Universe). 

Why put this out for free? 

I don’t have the cash or the investors to build something like this. The Athletic is building on the back of millions in venture investment. 

That’s what something like The Entertainment would need — millions in initial outlay to go full court with hiring — stealing the best entertainment, celebrity, and fandom reporters to provide the level of full coverage required. 

So there’s the idea. I hope someone makes it. And hires me. 

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