Blocked by Spiked: My challenge to cowardly pub bore Brendan O’Neill

Any time, any place, bare knuckle, backstreet.... debating.

I dislike Brendan O’Neill. It is a growing dislike. I met him once, through a mutual friend, and did not dislike him in person. Because in-person, Brendan O’Neill’s act wasn’t in full effect. He was just a fairly quiet conservative person. Online and on television, Brendan O’Neill is a pipe of piss and vinegar, a constant stream of lies, dissembling, and hatred disguised as ‘radical thinking’.


I am writing this because I discovered yesterday that I am blocked by Spiked’s Twitter account. While BoN, as I will now call him since that will annoy him too, pretends he does not tweet, it is a well-established fact that he is, in fact, usually at the controls of the Spiked Twitter account. Why has he blocked me? Because I criticise — often relentlessly — his contrarian crap, presented in columns for Spiked and The Spectator, and in fee-earning appearances on BBC news programmes, Sky News, and anywhere else that will let him talk largely uninterrupted. Spiked is the loudest bunch of silenced people in the Western world.

So, this post is a short and pointed one: BoN — Brendan O’Neill — is a coward who only debates when the odds are stacked in his favour, and the audience is tilted to clap and cheer at his evidence-free assertions and habit of twisting and selecting facts to back up his positions. He is the Heavy Weight Champion of the Heavy Foreheaded Contrarians. But like any bad boxer, he only takes on contenders he knows he can definitely beat. I want his championship belt.

I’ll debate him at any time, in any place, in any format. The invite has no time limit or expiry date. Try not to blink, BoN x