Bannon’s in the basement mixing up bad medicine, I’m on the pavement angry about CNN...

The demons of the far-right are out in force and Bannon is baying for Trump to murder his political enemies. The media helped this happen.

Like a soiled pile of coats given life by a fascistic necromancer, Steve Bannon has stirred into life during this election campaign. I have been keeping a weather eye on his Infowars-style radio show and podcast Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic for several weeks now. And it. is. unhinged.

With a rotating selection of angry men asserting ever more scary sounding theories about Chinese bio-weapons and Antifa conspiracies to steal America, War Room: Pandemic is the most coked-out conspiracist production I have ever heard and I used to analyse Infowars back when it could smear its disinformation everywhere.

In the latest episode of War Room, Bannon says Trump supporters need to fight for the young men who died in the Normandy landings and that the second Trump term “has already begun.”

He goes on to claim that the Democrats want to reverse the result of the American War of Independence and that Trump is on a mission from God. He also compares himself to John Adams, the Founding Father and second President of the United States.

‘Reporting’ from the Philadelphia, War Room has Raheem Kassam, formerly of Bannon’s Breitbart operation, a rat fink hanger-on with every grifting operation in the past 10 years — from UKIP to the Brexit Party to Tommy Robinson. That Farage is out operating as an outrider for Trump is hardly surprising when you realise that Bannon, Farage, and Muttley-types like Kassam are all connected by the same dark money.

Bannon is calling Joe Biden and his relatives “the Biden crime family syndicate” and arguing that the Attorney General should appoint a special prosecutor now. He’s also demanding the Anthony Fauci be investigated and arrested for treason against the United States for “plotting against the President” and “colluding with the media”. Remember, it was Bannon who dubbed the press “the real opposition party”.

Meanwhile, out on the streets, megaphone in hand, Alex Jones is Bane after a bad diet, screaming — just like Bannon about a twisted version of American history — claiming that the Democrats must be defeated like King George. He certainly watched a different version of Hamilton to the rest of us.

So why do I blame media organisations like CNN, MSNBC and BBC News for this? They’re not the ones pumping out the Bannon bad brains material, are they?

No. But none of them could avoid giving Bannon credence since 2016, lifting him up as a Machiavellian genius, the puppetmaster who put Trump into the White House. If you spend hours listening to Bannon, as I have unfortunately done, you realise he is a carnival barker and a huckster who is out to inflate his wealth and the wealth of his backers; he has no issues about doing that through pushing the US to a new civil war.

While liberal commentators and columnists have been getting positively horny on main about how good John King was with his maps and charts during CNN’s election coverage and even how ‘fair and even-handed’ Fox News’ output has been — I mean, give me a break! — Bannon and the rest of the far-right pseudo-underground media machine are spinning up for a real fight.

The Should People, with their obsession with rules and civility, are sitting around and waiting for Trump to ‘do the right thing’ because that’s what he should do. How has anything about Trump’s term in office made these people believe he’ll be reasonable? Why are any of them surprised this is happening? Because they are so desperate to be able to ignore the news again and have a jolly time at brunch. Bannon and his gang will play dirty and they’re doing it right now.

Watch the video (above), in which Bannon calls for Trump to put his enemies heads on spikes — including those of named US government officials, and tell me that CNN, Fox News, BBC News, and MSNBC producers don’t have something to answer for. They put Bannon on the news for hours upon end, interviewing him as if he is a credible and respectable political player and not an animatronic bin bag out to sow terror and chaos. The media helped make this monster and now it’s trying to just ignore the result…