At the chart of all the corruption: The Conservative Party/Spiked coalition explained

... or why Brendan O’Neill will one day be the Secretary of State for Culture (War)

Image credit: The Sunday Times.

Why was Claire Fox made a Baroness and elevated to the Lords? Claire Fox, morally bankrupt former Brexit Party MEP and mainstay of The Moral Maze on Radio 4, one of the central figures in the Revolutionary Communist Party, a group that justified the murder of toddlers, and the genocide in Srebrenica, before metastasising further into the infernal take machine, Spiked Online, is now Baroness Fox of Buckley. The liberals are confused:

Why would even Boris Johnson make a woman like this a part of the House of Lords? He surely must not understand what she’s about.

Oh you sweet summer children, he knows and he doesn’t care. In fact, he and Dominic “Mekon mind” Cummings love these people. They have placed Spiked ‘thinkers’ at the heart of the unelected matrix of manipulators that controls the country. The Cabinet? Oh, that’s just a dusty collection of micro-wits that Cummings pushes out like cannon fodder to embarrass themselves to the point of brain death on broadcast media, at least the broadcast media that Cummings considers compliant enough to bother with.

In the cosy collection of chancers, grifter, narcissists, and frauds illustrated by The Sunday Times in the network above, there are just two elected individuals — the Prime Minister and Michael Gove, a skin flap that has evolved consciousness and been promoted from flapping off the sole of some monstrous foot and into the role of Cabinet Office minister and Designated Blame Taker. Around them rotates a small constellation of complete fuckery. Let’s break it down:

Munira Mirza was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, she contributed to Living Marxism until it was dissolved after losing the Bosnian genocide libel case. She continued to contribute to its successor Spiked. She secured a job at the Royal Society of the Arts before pursuing a PhD in Sociology with a focus on “the politics of culture” — essentially the start of her more concerted efforts in arming up for the culture war.

From 2005 to 2007, Mirza worked as Development Director for the conservative think-tank Policy Exchange. During that time she also edited a collection of essays, Culture Vultures: Is UK Arts Policy Damaging the Arts?, which attacked the Labour government's policies on socially inclusion in the arts, and wrote a hardline pamphlet called Living Apart Together: British Muslims and the Paradox of Multiculturalism.

From 2008 to 2016, Mirza worked for the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, firstly as his Cultural Adviser, then as Director of Arts, Culture and the Creative Industries. In 2012, she was appointed as of six Deputy Mayors, serving as Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture.

In 2016, Mirza was a vocal advocate of Brexit, the stance which most gained her the favour of the current government inner circle. She later described her advocacy for Brexit while working in the culture sector as "the new being gay". Yes, she really is that obnoxious.

By 2018, Mirza was being floated by the New Statesman as a possible Conservative Party candidate for the 2020 London Mayoral election.

Mirza was appointed by King's College London as Executive Director of Culture in 2019, leading the institution's cultural strategy together with oversight of the Science Gallery London at Guy's Campus. However, in July of that year, Johnson became PM and she was appointed Director of the Number 10 Policy Unit. Boris Johnson calls her "extraordinary", "ruthless", and one of "the five women who have shaped my life". That’s a striking number, but as we know this is a man who isn’t quite sure how many children he has.

Mirza has loudly criticised multiculturalism and Black Lives Matter, while defending the Prime Minister’s various racist comments about women who wear the Burqa. On the latter controversy, she said:

"There are many people in this country who are uncomfortable about the burqa. When people argue we should use more sensitive language what they are really saying is let's not be critical at all, let's not offend, let's not criticise this practice because it upsets Muslims.”

On the Windrush scandal, Mirza claims:

“The real lesson is not one of racism, as in the deliberate targeting of ethnic minority groups, rather it is that the process of immigration enforcement needs to be improved.” Yes, that’s right, government and developer negligence and the corporate manslaughter of hundreds is not an issue at all.

In June 2020, following the Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd, Mirza was asked by the Prime Minister to establish a commission on racial inequalities, because he and Dominic Cummings are trolls. Her own trollish instincts helped make Fox a baroness.

Mirza is married to Dougie Smith

Dougie Smith, drifted into Conservative Party politics in 2003, after a career as co-founder of Fever Parties, an agency which organised sex parties for the rich and hosted orgies in the townhouses of Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington. I don’t care about the private fuckfests he used to orchestrate, but I am vexed by his role in assisting Boris Johnson to fuck the country.

Dougie Smith is close friends with Michael Gove who is definitely not a swinger. [Long and entirely meaning free pause]. And anyway, lots of people’s front gardens have pampas grass in them, and aren’t bowls to put your guests’ car keys in just sensible interior decorating?

Lee Cain once dressed up as a chicken for The Daily Mirror. He now has the more embarrassing job of spinning for Boris Johnson. He was previously an advisor to Michael Gove at Defra and is bosom buddies with Dominic Cummings.

As you’re reading this newsletter, you know who Carrie Symonds, Dominic Cummings, his wife Mary Wakefield, Boris Johnson, and the fragrant Allegra Stratton are as well as Ms Stratton’s husband James Forsyth of The Spectator — a man who is comfortable with government policies that put millions in destitution but finds swearing unconscionable, the mimsy fucking prick. You’ll similarly be familiar with Rishi Sunak who was Mr Forsyth’s best man and an old school friend to boot, both having attended Winchester.

Is this group of ex-bankers, think-tankers, permanent political operatives, and journalists going to fix the country? Well, yes. Only they intend to fix it in favour of their own interests and those of their millionaire donor friends.

The fix is in and the diagram at the start of this newsletter illustrates the answer to a question that bothered Lenin — of who the RCP members were once terribly fond of — a great deal: cui prodest? (Who stands to gain?)

Cui prodest? Those fuckers at the top of the page.