Another lockdown? But that’s ‘unpossible’, say the supine British newspapers

Most of the newspapers and TV correspondents have let us all down. But they’ll never admit it.

Do you remember what The Sun said when the first English lockdown came to an end? I do. It was this kind of thing 👇🏻

It was typical jingoistic, laddish, irresponsible shit. Now, let’s see what The Sun is saying now a second lockdown is required…

To paraphrase a Thick of It quote that I’m very fond of, you’ll now see the British newspapers, from broadsheets to wank rags, moving to blame the public for the fact that a further lockdown has been enforced. You’ll see rafts of stories about “Covidiots” (a word coined by tabloids stuffed full of idiots) who haven’t followed the rules and have ‘caused’ this.

While people who have not followed the rules have contributed to the crisis, the true Covidiots are in cabinet. It is they who allowed Care Homes to descend into a hellish crisis as patients with Covid-19 were turfed out of hospitals and back into residential homes where the virus spread freely. It is the Cabinet, led by Churchill cosplay enthusiast Boris Johnson and fast food salesmen Rishi Sunak, who encouraged people into restaurants and back into offices.

It is the Cabinet who ensured that their donors, families, and other allies have made huge amounts of money supplying ineffective PPE while expert firms couldn’t get through the procurement process. It is the Cabinet that have failed to properly support people financially, forcing many to work even when they have been ill. The Cabinet is criminal. Many of them should face trial.

Here is my prediction:

The right-wing newspapers which supported Boris Johnson and, in the case of The Daily Telegraph, employed him, cannot stop backing the Conservatives now. First Matt Hancock will be sacrificed — he’s now being framed for the leak of the 2nd lockdown plans, though I think it’s likely that Gove was behind them — then Boris Johnson will step down as Prime Minister citing family and health concerns.

Johnson will be replaced by Michael Gove as a caretaker for at least two years. Gove will then be pushed aside to allow Sunak or, in a nightmare scenario, Priti Patel as a new Thatcher, to win the next election. Sir Keir “Keith” Starmer will lead Labour to an even greater loss than we saw in 2019.

And the press and media? They’ll find ever more ludicrous ways to blame anyone but the government and themselves for the state of the nations.